Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat – Any Size

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (18)

Things are finally cooling off around here, and some hats are definitely going to be needed!  This is a very quick and easy baby hat that can be worn for a long time as baby grows by adjusting the size of the fold.  In this tutorial I will give you all the instructions you need to make this hat in any size you like.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (17)

This hat is sewn in stretchy knit fabric (don’t be scared…knits are so much fun once you try!) this one is upcycled from a jersey, you only need two rectangles of fabric.  This little hat also has no seams against the baby’s head, so no uncomfortable scratchy seams leaving marks on those precious little heads.

Quick Sew Long Fit Baby Hat - Any Size (20)

You can even finish off by tying off the corners and making these cute little ears!  Lets get started with the tutorial.

What you will need

  • Stretch Fabric – I used an old soft knit jersey of Hannah’s
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (or by hand but will take a lot longer)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Work/Life Balance + Mother’s Day!


I have been thinking a lot lately about work/life balance.  Trying to get enough done to keep things rolling but still have enough quality time with my family.  I made a conscious decision to let the blogging slow down during the school holidays to live in the moment while I had the chance.  During this time my Oma (grandma) passed away at 89 years old, that’s a pretty good run but still you’re never ready to let them go!  I guess it has all made me question what is really important in life.


But before I get all deep and meaningful…I hope all you Mother’s out there had a lovely Mother’s Day!  I had a nice quiet day with the kids, riding their bikes on the school courts and finished off with dinner at the beach.  I had to go solo this Mother’s day as Robert (the other half) was away for the opening of the duck shooting season.  Whoever timed that to coincide with Mother’s day needs their head read!


But we made the most of it enjoying the lovely autumn weather outside, I have to say I have really appreciated autumn this year!  We have had lovely mild weather where you can spend time outside without fear of being sunburned to a crisp or being too cold.  It’s been bliss!  We had pizzas with the best view, and the best bit was no dishes!


I can’t believe how fast these little people of mine are growing, Hannah is going to be 8 in four months’ time and Harry will be 6 in two months’.  I miss these innocent little ones but am very proud of the people they are growing into…most of the time!  For my work/life balance I have decided post a little less often than I was, I think once a week will be about right.  For those of you who blog you will already know it isn’t just the posts that take up the time but the behind scenes work (social media, promoting posts, planning posts etc. etc.) which can get quite overwhelming.  This is a hobby and I am going to start treating more as such.  I do this for fun because I enjoy it and love making things and sharing the details with everyone.


So more beaches and less laptop for a while!

How do you keep your work/life balance in check?

Any great pointers for me???

Monday, 2 May 2016

Adding Sleeves to a T-Shirt Tutorial

Adding Sleeves to a T-Shirt Tutorial (35)

For some reason Harry has an entire drawer crammed full of short sleeve T-shirts, but only four or five long sleeve tees. Since we are going into winter on this side of the world (bottom really!) I think a few more long sleeves will come in handy.  So I had a light bulb moment and thought why not add sleeves!  Harry has a couple long sleeve tees that look like short sleeve tees with long sleeves underneath, but are in fact only one layer.  So why not add sleeves myself?  With a tutorial for you all of course!

Adding Sleeves to a T-Shirt Tutorial (36)

My kids seem to be forever growing out of their clothes. Sure plenty get worn out too, and it’s not all bad there are plenty of grateful nieces and nephews to hand them down to!  Hannah is very lucky and gets plenty of hand-me-downs from friends and family. Harry on the other hand not quite as much, it’s not that there aren’t as many bigger boys but I think they must just ruin their clothes more often! So I love a little upcycle that can get a little more wear out of something we already have.

Adding Sleeves to a T-Shirt Tutorial (33)

I like ticking things off my to do list permanently so I did six T-shirts all at once.  A little tedious yes but at least that is a job completely finished! I wish I had some pictures of Harry wearing these but alas school has started back today.  The kids and I have had a great two weeks of holidays, and I didn’t want to keep you waiting till he was home after school today.  Keep an eye on my Instagram I am sure he will pop up there wearing one of them soon!


What you will need

  • Short Sleeve T-Shirts to add the sleeves on too
  • Fabric for the sleeves
  • Matching/contrast thread
  • Sewing machine, pins, scissors
  • Overlocker (optional)
  • Pencil and paper to make your pattern – full instructions below!


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Free Girl’s Dress Patterns and Tutorials x 6

Nina Makes Dress Patterns and Tutorials Compilation x 6

These gorgeous dress patterns are all from this Nina Makes blog. But I thought I would put them all together for you in a nice little compilation!  It’s making me very jealous that most of you are going into summer now, we’re heading towards winter and are lighting the wood burner!  But I get to look at these lovely summery dresses and remember the warmth.


1. Betty Bodice Dress

Betty Bodice Dress e

This was my first self designed bodice dress with a PDF pattern.  There are a few different versions, including adding capped sleeves.  This is a long line bodice with a gathered skirt and has a tie closure.  This dress makes a great summer staple or can be layered with stockings for the cooler weather.


2. A-Line Betty Bodice Dress

Betty Bodice Dress A Line   Collar a

This is a cute little edit on the regular Betty Bodice Dress turning it into a simple A-Line dress.  I used a button closure and added a cute little peter pan collar too!


3. Hermione Hi-Lo Hem Dress

Hermione Hi-Lo Hem Dress Pattern a

The Hermione dress is my most recent make in the dress department and poor Hannah was freezing for these photos!  This one is a stretch knit with bound neckline (using the same fabric) and arm holes, and a double needle finish.  But you can zigzag too if you don’t have a double needle.  No overlocker needed!


4. Stella Summer Dress

Stella Summer Dress a

My take on a pillow case style dress with a contrast hem and an easy bias edge with ties on the shoulders.  The front and back neckline are elasticated so you don’t have to undo the ties to take in on and off.  Nice and easy for those independent little girls!


5. Stella Summer Dress V.2

Stella Summer Dress Version 2 resize

Version 2 of the Stella summer dress has a synched in elasticated waist and simple flat shoulder straps that tuck neatly into the neckline.  This gives a quite different look to this pillowcase style dress while being easy to put on and light and breezy for summer!


6. Gorgeous Girl’s Dress

Gloria Dress Header

Last but not least is this lovely dress I upcycled from a friends failed project.  From a sack like fit on a petite little girl to a gorgeous bodice dress, with a slight gather on the skirt and a dome closure.  Simple is sometimes just the cutest!

I hope you have enjoyed this compilation!  All these patterns and tutorials are available in my Tutorials Page.  I would love to see any dresses (or other items) you create using my patterns and tutorials, please share and tag me on social media!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes)

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (1)

Hannah has just started Scottish Highland dancing, and she is loving it.  She has been loaned a pair of dancing pumps (shoes) and we were recommended to keep them in a zipper pouch rolled up.  So of course I wasn’t going to buy a zipper pouch!  I won’t write you a whole tutorial on zipper pouches because quite frankly that is pretty well covered online.



This is the tutorial I used, and it is nice and easy to follow.  Dana from Made Everyday has plenty of great tutorials and a non fussy style, which if you follow this blog you will probably already know that I like!

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (2)

It makes a nice lined zipper pouch in any size you want (depending on your zip).  My zip is upcycled and both fabrics are from friends’ fabric stashes that they have kindly given to me.  For Hannah’s Size 2 pumps A5 (an A4 page folded in half) worked perfectly.  The measurements in case you don’t have an A4 page handy are 14.8cm × 21.0cm or 5.8 inches × 8.3 inches.

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (3)

Depending on the size of the pumps you may need to make the zipper pouch bigger or smaller.  Of course you can use these zipper pouches for just about anything!

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (4)

Hannah’s dance teacher has recommended that the pumps be kept rolled up with the laces wrapped around to hold them in place.  She said that this prevents the soles from going hard.  So the zipper pouch I made was specifically designed to keep them in this position and to prevent them unrolling.

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (5)

They fit just neatly inside and once zipped up they are not able to unroll!  I love that they are nice and small to store, and I think the breathable nature of the fabric is a pretty good thing too!

Basic Zipper Pouch for Highland Dancing Pumps (Shoes) (6)

I love this gorgeous print, so sweet but not too overly girly or pink that Hannah won’t like it as she grows.  At the rate her feet grow I will probably have to make a bigger bag for bigger pumps in the not too distant future anyway!

What do you use zipper pouches for?