Sunday, 19 June 2016

Finding Dory Party Treats Jelly/Jello Slice Recipe

Finding Dory Party Treats JellyJello Slice Recipe

Need a easy no bake party treat solution for your Finding Dory themed party?  Or a delicious jelly/jello slice for any occasion and colour scheme you might need.  This Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice is nice and easy to make, the hardest part is waiting for the layers to set!  Not to mention it is rather delicious even for the grown ups too.

Finding Dory party ideas jelly jello slice

I have started creating craft tutorials for other sites which has introduced me to the world of movie themed party and craft ideas.  Want to see the Finding Dory Party Ideas, yep that’s the link!   I couldn’t help but think of another Finding Dory themed party idea for Nina Makes too.  Not to mention I don’t need much of an excuse for eating jelly!  For those wondering, in NZ Jelly is the wobbly desert, Jello isn’t a word and Jam is what you eat with peanut butter…clear as mud.

Finding Dory easy party treats recipe

Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice Ingredients



  • 1 Packet of plain biscuits (I used Griffins Super Wines)
  • 170grams (6oz) Melted Butter
  • Baking Paper or tin foil to line the tin to make getting it out later easier.
  • 20cm Square Baking tin – Deep 5cm (2”)!  Or if shallow use a larger size but the whole slice will be thinner.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

PUL Reusable Bowl Covers Tutorial

Reusable PUL Fabric Bowl Covers Quick and Easy Tutorial (8)

I have been meaning to make some of these reusable fabric bowl (or glass, dish etc) covers, for quite a while now.  I too feel a little guilty every time I use plastic wrap…well not so much when I’m making freezer paper stencils mind you that has a purpose!  I recently saw a tutorial on fabric bowl covers on craft gossip which reminded me I need to make these.  I love their design but decided there had to be an easier and quicker way.

Reusable PUL Fabric Bowl Covers Quick and Easy Tutorial (9)

So I decided to forgo the double layer and save time on sewing a casing for the elastic.  I decided on PUL (I had some left over from my book bags) and thought a little leak protection wouldn’t go astray!  Instead of regular elastic I used shirring elastic, I used to avoid this stuff like the plague but it really is very easy once you try it.

Reusable PUL Fabric Bowl Covers Quick and Easy Tutorial (10)

Now for the quick and easy tutorial!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pattern Review – Luna Pants by Made By Rae

Pattern Review - Luna Pants by Made By Rae (12)c sq

I actually did it…I made time to sew something for myself!  They are comfortable and casual yet somehow smart, the lovely Luna Pants Pattern from Made By Rae.  I had been admiring Rae’s patterns from afar for quite a while, and then she had a Luna Pants sew-a-long.  I didn’t quite make it in time for the sew-a-long but I got there in the end!

Pattern Review - Luna Pants by Made By Rae FA

Here is the front view.  The Luna Pant has a nice relaxed fit, I had to make it in size XL.  Even though I am quite tall (176cm or 5’ 9 1/2”) they are plenty long in the leg without any adjustments.  If you are on the shorter side you may want to take them up.  I think I made the ankle cuffs just a little too tight, I didn’t use the provided measurement for the elastic…yep trying to get finished too fast!  That will teach me!  I will let them out a little and remember to follow all the instructions next time.

Pattern Review - Luna Pants by Made By Rae (11)

That being said I also didn’t use the recommended waist elastic measurement.  But that was a considered decision!  As I am sure a few of you will understand that tummies can get a little squishy after kids (or even without!) and a too tight waistband gives you an excellent roly ‘muffin top’.  So I don’t cut my elastic off the roll, I just feed the end through the casing and safety pin together at what I estimate is the right size.  Then I try them on and adjust the waistband so that it does enough to stay up but doesn’t dig in.  After those steps I cut the elastic to size and sew as normal.

Pattern Review - Luna Pants by Made By Rae FB

I never thought that woven fabric would be able to make comfortable pants.  I think every single pair of pants (mainly jeans) I own are made out of a stretch fabric.  But with all the lovely prints available in woven fabrics the options are endless.  I just need to remember to make (or buy) more plain tops to wear with them, and not be seduced by the stripes.  I will most definitely be making more of these!

Pattern Review - Luna Pants by Made By Rae (18)

I overlocked my raw edges for a quick but neat finish.  The Luna Pant is well constructed and I love the pockets!

What is your favorite everyday wear pattern to sew for yourself?


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Pattern Review - Made By Rae - Luna Pants By Nina Makes

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Highland Dancing - Duplicate Stitching Argyle Socks (Kilt Hose) + Tutorial

Highland Kilt Hose Argyle Socks - Duplicate Stitch (3)

Who knew that duplicate stitching was even an option!  Hannah has taken up highland dancing, I’d say she has been going about 10 weeks now and she is loving it.  Time to get the outfit sorted!

Highland Dancing Kilt MacDonald Tartan (1)

This is Hannah’s kilt which I made (first one!) it is made out of MacDonald Modern Dress tartan.  Hannah’s last name is Donaldson which goes back to MacDonald and makes this her family tartan.  So of course we needed socks to go with this one.  If you have ever looked at highland Dancing costumes you will have run into the price of the argyle socks (kilt hose) eeek!  I definitely don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars on a pair of socks when I am not sure how long Hannah is going to want to dance for.  In most cases it is almost better to find the socks and then make the kilt to match, or buy a second hand full set.

Highland Dancing Outfit Costume Kilt Dickie Blouse Hose Socks (2)

I was going to attempt to knit the entire socks myself, so I found a free pattern online and had a test run using left over baby wool I had.  Well I’ve knitted a little before but having 9 balls of wool going at one time was a bit much for me!  I couldn’t get the stripe to stay straight on one angle but I could going the other way…after about three attempts I decided enough was enough.  So when I came across this pair on Trade Me (NZ version of eBay) for $25 I just couldn’t say no.  In the photos on the listing they looked black and red but turns out when they arrived they were dark green and red.  Luckily Hannah’s kilt has a matching green in it!

Highland Dancing Outfit Costume Kilt Dickie Blouse Hose Socks (1)

But they really didn’t go together (pity I didn’t think to take a picture before I started!) the main problem was the gold/yellow stripe.  Hannah’s kilt didn’t have any gold or yellow in it and it seemed to change the tone of the red just by being there.  So I dugout the white baby wool I had left over from the last baby hat I knitted and duplicate stitched over the yellow stripe.  It looked so much better, that I decided to make the red stripe white too and for good measure the green stripe navy (haven’t quite finished those yet!).  I had wanted to make part of the red diamonds navy but the duplicate stitching made a larger area too thick and bulky.  Still not a perfect match, a little too much red for her kilt but they are way better than they were and look pretty good in my opinion!  If she takes it further and carries on with the highland dancing then we can look at getting another pair but right now this works perfectly!

Highland Dancing Kilt MacDonald Tartan (3)Highland Dancing Kilt MacDonald Tartan Inside (2)

Just in case you are in the same predicament I’ll show you how I did the duplicate stitching!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Introducing my new Romper!

Introducing my new baby toddler romper (1)

Isn’t it adorable!  I have been scouring the internet looking at all the different rompers, playsuits, sunsuits (what is the difference???) I could find.  I liked aspects of many of them but not one as a whole…time to make another pattern!  I wanted a romper with a little leg length, I think the short almost nappy (diaper) cover style although cute just don’t seem like enough clothing to go out in public!  Very cute with stockings mind you but not so great in the hot weather. 

Introducing my new baby toddler romper (4)

I liked the halter neck style for the longevity of being able to grow with your baby/toddler.  And with the elasticated back this romper should fit for plenty of time to get some decent wear out of it.  I am going to add optional domes at the crotch for easy nappy changes too.

Introducing my new baby toddler romper (3)

I am nearly finished all the prep stages and am planning on making these gorgeous little rompers to sell.  I need to do something about my (getting out of hand) fabric stash!  I have a size range of 0-3 months up to 4 years.  I am still coming up with the perfect name…any great ideas would be much appreciated!!!

Introducing my new baby toddler romper (5)

Don’t you worry I haven’t forgotten all the little boys out there, I have a pattern planned for them too, watch this space!

If you have any brilliant name ideas feel free to comment below, or message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!